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Plywood for architecture

We have 10 mass production lines for architectural plywood, the monthly production sums up to 5,000-10,000 cubic kilometers, therefore we make sure to hand in products in time. Our factories are all placed near the raw material areas, where we can buy raw materials at a reduced price. Because of our bulk buying, the manufacturers of raw materials are also glad to cooperate with us in the long term. Our factories are also near the dock, meaning the cost for transporting is also reduced. These conditions make our products more cost competitive in the market. What's more, we also have a professional quality control team, which control the quality from the source—raw materials. Every procedure of production is inspected by our professional staff, and we make sure the quality reaches our clients' demand.

Based on your needs we have following products for you to choose from:

Plain Plywood

Film Faced Plywood


Oriented strand board (OSB)

We have considered a series of problems that may occur while usage:

    1. DelaminationDelamination
    2. This means there is a glue problem. The glue we use on all the products are self-developed, so that the quality can be guaranteed. Meanwhile, we strictly control the pressure to make sure the glue amount not under the standard value. Every production line has dryer to reduce the moisture of veneers before spreading glue.
    1. Detached filmDetached film
    2. Detached film is mostly because the quality of the film is not that good, can't contain enough glue. We choose manufacturers with a good reputation to provide films. Besides, every production line of us has dryer to keep the veneers at a good humid level.
    1. Short lifespanShort lifespan
    2. Control the glue quality and glue amount; the pressure is not below standard value during prepressing and hot pressing to guarantee a good quality.
    1. Easy to breakEasy to break
    2. We choose high quality core material, and optimize the construction of plywood to make sure no seals between cores.
    1. Short of coreShort of core
    2. Loose on the edge is caused by lower density. For OSB we control the density between 600-650kg/m3. The amount of glue and press pressure is not under the standard value.
    1. Waste on the panelBroad thickness deviates from standard
    2. We control the thickness of products from the source: raw material. Inspect the products while production in case there are problems.