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    1. Plain MDF& HDF MDF board, or medium-density fiberboard, is an engineered wood product. It is produced to high technical specifications, with a fine and smooth surface. This plain MDF board is available in different sizes and thicknesses to suit a wide range of applications. Currently it is primarily used to construct wooden floors, doors, partitions, furniture and more.
    1. Veneer Fancy MDF Sindo Veneered MDF is fit for room decoration. It can be used to make furniture items and various other home accessories. This MDF is available in different wood veneers and sizes for our customers to choose from.
    1. UV MDF& HDF
    2. UV MDF& HDF UV MDF&HDF have many characteristics, like high gloss, high brightness, easy to clean and process. UV MDF&HDF have wide applications, mostly for furniture and room decorations.
    1. MelainePaper MDF& HDF
    2. MelainePaper MDF& HDFAlthough MDF can be faced with several options, the most commonly used one is melamine. Melamine is a paper film that is impregnated with melamine. The paper, which is of different colors or grains, is immersed in melamine and then dried. Afterwards, it is overlaid onto the medium density fiberboard (MDF) using low pressure, providing a pre-finished hard surface that is resistant to wear, stain and scratches.
    1. Plain HardboardIn terms of density, fiberboards can be categorized as hardboards, medium-density fiberboards and low-density fiberboards. Hardboard is an engineered wood product that is made out of highly compressed wood fibers. The plain hardboard is commonly smooth on one side, and has a density more than 900kg/m3.
    1. Embossed Hardboard
    2. Embossed HardboardSindo embossed hardboard is available in a variety of different patterns, such as bamboo, cloud, thick wood grain, and Rome style etc. We can also manufacture it according to designs given by customers. The surface of our hardboard is veneered and there is a wide selection of typical wood veneers.
    1. Melamine Paper Hardboard
    2. Melamine Paper Hardboard Melamine hardboard is a fiberboard whose surface is covered by a layer of melamine veneer. This hardboard is of good physical properties and is free of dehydration and deformation. Its melamine veneer is damp proof, corrosion resistant, wear resistant and high temperature resistant. As a result, Sindo melamine hardboard is widely used in the decoration, furniture and packaging industries.