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Wood-Based Product Manufacturer In China

Shanghai Sindo Panel Company Ltd., located in China, is a manufacturer of high quality and competitively priced wood-based products. Founded in 2002, we offer a wide variety of products including our plywood, film faced plywood, and block board. With over ten years of experience in the manufacturing of wood-based materials, we have created our own brands, "Sindoply", "Sindoplx", "Swan", "Falcon", and "Spark". These brands are all backed by our advanced manufacturing techniques and superior quality control. Our products, including our MDF, HDF, hardboard, and gypsum board, are widely used in the furniture and construction industries.

We at Sindo know how to create competitively priced, high quality products. Our products are CE and SONCAP certified, and we offer OEM services as well. The excellent quality of our wood-based products is a direct result of our attention to detail from start to finish. For example, we acquire our superior raw materials only from trusted suppliers. We also employ a highly trained staff and utilize state-of-the-art production equipment in the manufacturing of all our wood-based products. The use of precise testing instruments helps to ensure that only reliable and high quality products reach our clients. Furthermore, we have an experienced quality control department that verifies each product at different phases of construction, from raw material selection, through production, to the delivery of the final product. Additionally, we always strive to meet the needs of our expanding market, and so we continually increase our production capacity. Our annual production for our MDF is 200, 000M3; our plywood is 150, 000M3; and our fiberboard is 100, 000M3. A large inventory allows us to deliver products promptly to our customers, which has caused our annual sales to reach 50 million USD, and this number continues to grow.

Sindo is conveniently located in Shanghai, the largest commercial city in China, and we are also close to PuDong International Airport. We have factories in North JiangSu and South ShanDong Provinces where there are an abundance of poplar logs, the major raw material used for our wood-based products. This locale not only offers us access to a vast supply of raw materials, but it also allows for convenient and cost-effective transportation of our products. As a result of our superior quality and economical prices, our products are sought after in the global market in such places as the Middle East, the United States, Germany, Egypt, Japan, Korea, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and more.

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At Sindo, we have a group of inspectors, who are well trained and experienced. They supervise the production process all the way from the beginning including raw materials selection, processing, and others necessary stages of production. Before shipment, a strict inspection is made as per the contract and standards given, and an inspection reported will be produced and saved.
In case quality problem occur due to a fault on our part, we will take the responsibility to compensate the buyer's loss accordingly. We ...
1. Inner is water resistant plastic bag.
2. The details of packaging can be according to your requirement.
Sindo, Established in 2002, is an experienced wood-based ...