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Founded in 2002, Sindo is a professional wood-based product manufacturer in China. Through our continuing efforts and years of experience, we can provide a wide variety of wood products for you to choose from. We are located in Shanghai. This location gives us access to convenient transportation by sea, land, and air, which lowers our production costs and your freight charge.

Plywood Sheet

Sindo is a professional plywood manufacturer in China. We specialize in the production of commercial plywood, door plywood, decorative plywood, polyester plywood, high pressure lamination (HPL) plywood, and laminated veneer lumber (LVL) plywood. Plywood is a carefully engineered wood product. It is made of thin sheets of wood, known as plies. Currently plywood is widely used as a furniture material ...

    1. Plain Plywood Sheet Poplar core plywood sheet, as the name suggests, uses poplar as the plywood core. China is rich in poplar reserves,...
    1. Film Faced Plywood Sheet This product has many characteristics, such as high strength, stability, smooth finish, water resistance, ultraviolet resistance, wear resistance and so on.
    1. Commercial Plywood / Veneered Plywood Melamine plywood / paper overlay plywood is used for furniture and room decoration. It has many different colors and patterns to meet your demands.
LVL Plywood Sheet

LVL plywood is a new type of engineered wood product. LVL means laminated veneer lumber. This type of plywood requires very little amounts of glue. The lumber is cut into veneer sheets of by a revolving cutter. The sheets are then dried, patched and glued together to form the plywood panel.

    1. LVL Plywood Sheet
    2. LVL Plywood Sheet LVL plywood is a new type of engineered wood product. LVL means laminated veneer lumber. This type of plywood requires very little amounts of glue.

Sindo is a Blockboard manufacturer and supplier in China. Our Blockboard products include plain Blockboard, polyester Blockboard and decorative Blockboard.
Our Blockboard is made up of a core of softwood strips. The strips are placed edge to edge and sandwiched between veneers of hardwood. This sandwich is then glued together under high pressure. Sindo Blockboard has good sound and thermal insulation properties.

    1. Plain Blockboard Our plain blockboard is made up of a core (wood strips), which is covered with a layer of wood veneer on both sides. The quality of the two veneers can be different.
    1. Polyester Blockboard Polyester blockboard is an engineered wood product whose surface is covered with a layer of decorative paper. After the paper is coated with unsaturated polyester resin, ...
    1. Decorative Blockboard Sindo is a professional blockboard manufacturer in China. Our decorative blockboard is designed and manufactured for use in the manufacture of furniture and decoration purposes. ...
MDF&HDF&Hard board

Fiberboard is an engineered wood product, which is made of wood fibers. It is commonly used in the manufacture of furniture items, wood flooring, door panels and partitions etc. Based on the different densities, fiberboard can be divided into high-density fiberboard (≥880 kg/m3), medium-density board (550-880 kg/m3) and low-density board. The common specifications include 1220*2440mm and 1525*2440mm, and the thickness usually ranges from 2.0mm to 25mm ...

    1. Plain MDF& HDF MDF board, or medium-density fiberboard, is an engineered wood product. It is produced to high technical specifications, with a fine and smooth surface.
    1. Veneer Fancy MDF Sindo Veneered MDF is fit for room decoration. It can be used to make furniture items and various other home accessories.
    1. UV MDF& HDF
    2. UV MDF& HDF UV MDF&HDF have many characteristics, like high gloss, high brightness, easy to clean and process. UV MDF&HDF have wide applications, mostly for furniture and room decorations.
    1. MelainePaper MDF& HDF
    2. MelainePaper MDF& HDFAlthough MDF can be faced with several options, the most commonly used one is melamine. Melamine is a paper film that is impregnated with melamine. The paper, which is of different colors or grains, ...
    1. Plain HardboardIn terms of density, fiberboards can be categorized as hardboards, medium-density fiberboards and low-density fiberboards. Hardboard is an engineered wood product that is made out of highly compressed wood fibers.
    1. Embossed Hardboard
    2. Embossed HardboardSindo embossed hardboard is available in a variety of different patterns, such as bamboo, cloud, thick wood grain, and Rome style etc. We can also manufacture it according to designs given by customers.
    1. Melamine Paper Hardboard
    2. Melamine Paper Hardboard Melamine hardboard is a fiberboard whose surface is covered by a layer of melamine veneer. This hardboard is of good physical properties and is free of dehydration and deformation.
Oriented strand board (OSB)

OSB is short for oriented strand board. Sindo provides high quality OSB products. We specialize in the production of OSB2, OSB3, Melamine OSB and Veneered OSB with different solid wood veneer.

    Edge Banding

    Edge BandingIt has a dark texture and will not fade away while using. We can design any brightness for your sample. The backside of edge banding is painted by adhesive primer, which helps the edge banding better adhere to the panels.

      HDF Mould Door

      HDF Mould DoorWood fiber can be formed into raised panel under heat and pressure. The veneers bear the features of high rigidity and strong wear resistance, is also water and fire proof. High quality veneer makes the door elegant and outstanding. The surface can be faced with Melamine film or natural wood veneer.