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All of our packages are seaworthy packing, No unacceptable packaging materials or bamboo products are used as packaging. Even if customer request to use solid timber in package, such as crates bracket, all solid timber will be ISPM 15 treated and marked wood packaging.

At the time of packing, the container were inspected internally and externally, and are clean and free from contamination with live organisms, material of plant or animal origin, soil and water.

Normally we use plywood bracket to support film faced plywood, plywood and block board, four sides and cover are plywood sheet with the thickness of 2.5-3mm. For MDF and hardboard the base is usually a whole 15mm or 18mm MDF, along with thick MDF as cover and sides. All packages have waterproof plastic bags in them; four corners are all protected with cardboard. On the outside we use steel belt or plastic steel belt as wrapping belt. Under every belt we have also placed plastic pads lest the belts are too tight. Before packing the sides of every product need to be polished up and sprayed paint (for film faced plywood), or sprayed putty (for plywood) to achieve a better appearance and water resistance.

Besides, we can also pack the products without package into container based on clients' requirement.