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Raw materials

Our factories are all placed near the raw material areas, where we can buy raw materials at a reduced price. The monthly production sums up to 5,000-10,000 cubic kilometers. Because of our bulk buying, the manufacturers of raw materials are also glad to cooperate with us in the long term. These conditions make our products more cost competitive in the market.
For every kind of raw materials we have specialized warehouses to store, to make sure the materials retain the properties we keep required temperature and moisture in warehouses.

Core veneer
The core material of veneer is mostly poplar veneer from indigenous fast-growing poplar. Because of its short growth cycle, it's the most cost effective raw material for producing plywood. meanwhile, we also use indigenous weed trees and eucalyptus as core material.

Face veneer
The face veneers used to produce plywood are mostly from Russia, Australia, South-east, Africa etc. We import fresh woods and then cut them into veneers.

Wood chips used to make MDF, HDF, Hardboard and OSB are all sliced from fresh poplar and weed trees. Wood chips need to be washed and filtrated to give the veneer the natural white appearance.

To make sure the good quality and control formaldehyde emission, the glue used in production is all self-developed.