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Raw materials

Our factories are all placed near the raw material areas, where we can buy raw materials at a reduced price. The monthly production sums up to 5,000-10,000 cubic kilometers. Because of our bulk buying, the manufacturers of raw materials are also glad to cooperate with us in the long term. These conditions make our products more cost competitive in the market.
For every kind of raw materials we have specialized warehouses to store, to make sure the materials retain the properties we keep required temperature and moisture in warehouses.


We have 10 mass production lines to produce plain plywood and film faced plywood. Every line is equipped with dryer to keep the veneers at a good humidity level, thus ensuring the products have a remarkable quality.

Quality Control

The boards will be inspected piece by piece not only before packing, but also during the whole production. Only through this can we find the problem in time and make sure a good quality.


All of our packages are seaworthy packing, No unacceptable packaging materials or bamboo products are used as packaging. Even if customer request to use solid timber in package, such as crates bracket, all solid timber will be ISPM 15 treated and marked wood packaging.

At the time of packing, the container were inspected internally and externally, and are clean and free from contamination with live organisms, material of plant or animal origin, soil and water.